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Two people missing in Marsabit after floods

Two people and hundreds of domestic animals are missing after floodwaters swept through manyattas in Olom Village, North Horr sub-County, on Sunday night.

Members of 76 families from the affected village in Marsabit County spent the night on sand dunes and a close by hill after dodging the floods.

Two people – aged couple – were feared to be deceased; Maikona MCA Buke Diba informed the press on the phone. One other person who had been swept away by the floods was saved in the morning.

Mr. Diba said the floodwaters came from Mt Kulal – more than 80 kilometres away. This follows heavy downpour being experienced in the ranges situated near Lake Turkana.

Mr. Diba said that the area is not easy to get to by road and the locals were still trapped by the floodwater. “They have lost all their domestic animals and possessions. The inhabitants had no time to rescue anything as they hurried to higher grounds on sand dunes and a close by hill,” he said.

Mr. Diba appealed to well-wishers to give food and other essential stuff. He said the region could only be accessed by air. Rains have been hammering numerous parts of Kenya, causing flooding and landslides. The Kenya Meteorological Department cautioned Kenyans to brace for more rains. It asked those living near rivers to shift to higher ground.

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