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Two injured in latest flare up of Wajir clan clashes

By Nepjournal reporter

mama diisow-nepjournal

Mama Diisow who sustained gunshot injuries to her leg.

Renewed clan clashes have been reported from the border of Eldas and Wajir North constituencies after the Degodia and Ajuran clashed over the drilling of a borehole in Masalale town on Tuesday.

Reports indicate members of the Degodia community opposed drilling of the borehole for their Ajuran neighbors on the other side of the disputed border. The project was funded by the Wajir North constituency development fund.

Confirming the incident, Wajir County commissioner Michael Ole Talal said a vehicle traveling from Wajir North was ambushed on Tuesday evening near the disputed town.

“We have sent more than 100 officers to pursue the criminals because this is the third time these same criminals are attacking vehicles along that road” said Ole Talal.

The administrator sent a stern warning to politicians saying the government will not spare any one found guilty of inciting members of the public.

A mother and her son sustained gunshot injuries and are now being treated at the Wajir County referral hospital.

65 year old Kuley Diisow has multiple fractures in her leg while her son had soft tissue injuries.

The family members were ferrying household items for the son’s wedding when the vehicle they were travelling in came under attack.

Most clan clashes in this region are fueled by political motives and the conflicts normally escalate to alarming levels whenever elections were approaching.


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