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Two girls die in Marsabit following floods in the region

Two girls have passed away in Marsabit County after they were swept away by floods. Laisamis OCPD Joseph Mwamburi said the 15-year-old girl had left to fetch firewood when she was swept away by the floodwaters. He said the region has no river and it is flat valley, which has led to flooding. “We recovered her body right away after her parents made a statement to the station,” said Mr. Mwamburi.

Kenya Red Cross Society regional coordinator Talaso Chucha told the press that another eight-year-old girl had been confirmed dead after she drowned in floodwater close to their abode at Kamboe. Ms Chucha said that the two bodies of the two girls were taken to a mortuary at Loglogo health facility.

According to the county government, people in Olom Village in North Horr are still marooned on sand dunes in anticipation of the water levels to go down. Their village was swept away by floodwaters on Sunday night, forcing them to look for safe haven on sand dunes and a close by hill. They are trapped on the sand dunes as the region is abandoned. Deputy Governor Solomon Gubo said a rescue team was using a plane to take relief food to the affected families as the region could not be accessed by road.

He said the team had been camped out at Kalacha waiting for the floodwaters to drop. “Trying to walk through the water to Olom can take hours given that even the Chalbi Desert is flooded at the time. We are only making trips by air to see to it that they get relief [food] each day,” said Mr Gubo.

Ms Chucha said that in 2016, the same area experienced parallel flooding but no one died. She added that local leaders need to generate awareness on the importance of moving to higher ground, when it rains. “We do not have to at all time respond to emergencies that can be avoided. The people need to take vigilance and move to higher grounds,” said Ms Chucha.

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