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Turn attacked University to a security installation says KNUT

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Local teachers addressing the press in Mandera in this file photo over KNUT’s handling of teachers in the region. They accused Sossion of prejudice against North Eastern region.

By Abdinasir Ali

Garissa University College should be closed permanently following the deadly raid by Al-Shabaab and turned into military camp.

Kenya National Union of Teachers Secretary general Wilson Sossion said that the students should be transferred to other institutions and the premises handed to security forces to be used either as base or a training facility.

“After the closure of the university we advise the state to turn the institution into a security installation and maybe hand it over to the police for purposes of their own training,” he said in a statement on Friday.

Sossion who is on record of telling teachers to boycott north eastern until their security is guaranteed by the government said that KNUT had information that Garissa Teachers Training College could have been attacked had it not closed a day earlier.

He now wants the collect not to be re-opened.

“We advise that the college should not be reopened in May but instead be handed over to the military for them to use it as a training base or for their own further studies,” he said.

The KNUT boss called on Education CS Jacob Kaimenyi to take responsibility for the attack and resign and petitioned the president to sack him if he fails to resign.

“We urge President Uhuru Kenyatta to consider removing Kaimenyi from the education docket because his continued stay will demolish the entire sector since he doesn’t listen to the multi-sectoral voices in his ministry,” he said in a statement on Friday.

Sossion accused the government of being insensitive to teachers by firing them when they refused to go back to Mandera for fear of their lives.

“When we advised our teachers not to report back to schools in Mandera early this term the Teachers Service Commission and the government, relying on imaginary security measures, responded by firing all 1,043 of them and masterminded condemnation against our position,” he said.

He is now reiterating his calls to teachers in the region not to risk their lives over jobs and instead heed his calls and leave in masse.

“Kenyans, brace yourselves. There will be no teaching in the entire Northern Kenya until there is security for our children and teachers,” he said


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