Turkish agency donates camels to Wajir ulumaa

By NepJournal November 26, 2016 17:15

Turkish agency donates camels to Wajir ulumaa

By Farah Adan:


Up to 50 religious leaders in Kenya’s North Eastern County of Wajir have benefited from a donation of a camel each by Turkish Aid Agency (TIKA).

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi who led the ulama in accepting the gift said the donation was aimed at boosting the economic well-being of the Sheikhs and Imams most of whom voluntarily offer religious nourishment to the faithful.

“The donation is not enough to reach every sheikh and imam in this town, but we have decided to distribute them evenly to ensure it was received in every corner of this town” he said.

Governor Abdullahi hailed TIKA’s contribution thanking the Turkish agency, Turkish government and people at large for answering to their call to have the local ulumaa supported.

“We submitted several proposal to TIKA and they asked us what was treasured locally so that they could donate to the ulamaa, we then identified camels whose ownership is revered among the local communities” he said.

TIKA has been at the forefront of fronting Turkish aid to the north eastern counties and has previously donated farm inputs and equipment, animals for sacrifice during Eid festivals.

During the event, Governor Abdullahi asked the sheikhs and imams to lead Muslims in prayers for rainfall since most areas of the county are reeling from the effects of drought.




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By NepJournal November 26, 2016 17:15

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