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   Trump disrespects the US flag in a military ceremony

By Isaac Kiti

President Donald Trump remained seated and talked while ‘Retreat’ and ‘To the Colors’ anthems were being played at an Air National Guard hangar in Middletown, Watching the crowd standing in respect, Trump said to Sean Hannity of Fox News, “What a nice sound that is.” Trump completely appeared to have no knowledge of the significance of the songs and at a point he even joked with Mr. Hannity that the songs were being played in his honor. “Are they playing that for you or for me?” Trump teased. “They are playing that in honor of his ratings. He is beating everybody.”

Twice a day, the American flag is raised and lowered on U.S military bases and other institutions and every time the band plays the Retreat anthem. It is custom for political leaders and civilians to pay their respects to the nation’s flag during the ceremony.

By playing the song it signalizes the end of the duty day and paying respect to the national flag according to the Army website.

President Trump symbolizes the highest ranking official in the U.S military has spent weeks rebuking NFL players who knelt during the “star-Spangled Banner,” calling the form of silent protest disrespectful to the flag and anthem. The players began the demonstrations to protest the killing of unarmed black men by police.

The nature of somber ceremonies carried out in military bases and other institutions would not let a person derive fun or crack jokes as Trump did. All politicians in uniforms are assembled outside a building and required to stop and salute the flag while citizens are expected to place their hand over their heart as per the laws in the military Task and purpose. It is one of the oldest traditions in the U.S Army that date back to the Revolutionary War.



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