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Tragedy beyond Comprehension: The Killings Continue


By Mohamed Haji:

The constant disappearance of our people, the destruction of their properties, the instigated intra-clan clashes and the devastation of the education system in North Eastern Province is both connected and common.

Yesterday bodies were exhumed, some  decomposed, allegedly buried by security forces. One of the bodies as we are all aware was Ms Isnina’s; tea-vendor mother of five who was abducted, tortured and allegedly raped before she was buried at Lathe Village in Omar Jillo location, Mandera.

Mandera County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia said police had concluded that there are more mass graves in the area.

Just few months ago similar graves were discovered in Lanbiib area, Wajir County. A grave said to contain at least 6 decomposed bodies of men and women who days earlier were picked by plain clothes people who identified themselves as police officers was discovered after hyenas dug the bodies out.

Kidnappings are rampant and many families are missing their loved ones. The number of people abducted by people who identified themselves as police officers and frequently driven away in probox cars or occasionally in unidentified vehicles is alarming.

Human rights organizations and many documentaries by Aljazeera television exposed the involvement of security agencies in the disappearance of people.

Renowned lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi said ‘’Extrajudicial killings of Muslim men in Kenya has now met the test of crime against humanity. Bensouda must open preliminary investigation’’.

Accusing the security agencies of involvement in the abduction, torture and disappearance of Muslims in the country the SC tweeted “First it’s now obvious that these killings are officially authorized probably at the highest level as part of government policy to kill”. Here is Kenya’s finest lawyer and this clears the air like no other for elected doubting Thomases.

Official response to these tragedies has been completely muted or absent altogether. The elected leaders with the sole exception of Senator Billow Kerrow and Wajir West Member of Parliament Hon. Abdikadir Ore, have completely buried their heads in the sand. Equivalently shocking are professional bodies and the elites’ lack of response regarding these traditional tragedies. They have selected to take the easy route of silence, sweeping these atrocities aside.

Professional body NEPA in an exceptional show of cowardice have neither rallied other professional bodies against these inhuman, criminal and cowardly kidnapping, torture and killing of innocent citizens nor taken government agencies to task over the matter.

Our elected leaders and professionals are concerned more about preserving their own than speaking against these atrocities.

The anger boiling on Twitter and Facebook pages is just that; ANGER. I call twitter the platform of the angry but it has its place and part to play. The activists must be commended and supported. Activists must keep the flame of anger burning.

Before venting our frustrations on the ballot boxes, we need to come out to the streets and demand the action of authorities against these atrocities. We need to engage international partners, human rights organizations, international governments and citizens of the world to expose the criminals killing our people.

We ask the ICC to get involved to stop these crimes against humanity as our government has completely failed to provide security to its own citizens.

Haji comments on social issues and is a Nepjournal columnist. Follow him on twitter @MWHaji

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