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Tobiko orders release of Nasa advisor David Ndii

Keriako Tobiko, the Director of Public Prosecutions has ordered the release of NASA advisor David Ndii on bond.

The DPP gave orders demanding to have the file on David Ndii as soon as the investigations into him are done.

Mr Ndii was arrested on Sunday while he was on a luxury holiday with his family in Diani . He was afterwards transferred to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation headquarters on Kiambu Road.

His wife Mwende Getabaki faulted the police saying they wouldn’t let her know why her husband was detained or allowed to see him.

He was held for the better part of the day as Nasa leaders also tried to get access into the institution but were barred by security officers.

“This is not clear; my spouse is not a criminal. I asked those people (the police) what crime has he done? (And) they couldn’t enlighten me.” Mwende told the journalists on Monday as she called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to get involved.

Mr Ndii was later brought before the Milimani Law Courts on incitement charges for saying “if change did not come through the ballot, it would come by the bullet.”

He was later released without charges being read to him

Mr Ndii defended his statement on the secession push saying it is philosophical and not seditious with his family and the Opposition taking his detainment as reminiscent of former President Daniel Arap Moi’s epoch when the state machinery was influenced in a crack down on rebels.

“I know that other people are going to be detained,” Odinga said in reply to Ndii’s arrest.

Ndii has been one of the close advisors to Raila and is said to be the mastermind behind the response of Nasa in regards to Kenyatta’s re-election.

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