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Ilhan 728×90

TIME – especially meant for the forthcoming elections.

By Abdi Ismail:

Time ooh time.

We’re all dumbstruck by your silent and stealthy ways.

Everyone comfortable and engrossed,

In matters mundane or religious,

Altruistic or wickedness,

Banality or erudition


The seconds tick away, people unaware and care free.

Some pass on to eternity, others strutting the earth as if immortal.

People simply stupefied by your flight,

Caught flat foot by your mysterious and beguiling nature.



Your speed is beyond our comprehension.

Grand schemes we had, that we didn’t finish.

Many promises we made but didn’t honor.

A plethora of misdeeds we committed, that we didn’t atone for.

Suddenly, the political curtains are raised.



The arena is set.

Those in power, jolted awake from their deep sleep.

The chess game unfolds, the electorate’s fingers crossed, eagerly awaiting.

Insanity ensues, multi-faceted in nature.

Where strategy is met by counter-strategy.

Triumph for some, debacle for others, the inevitable outcome of any alliterative battle.



Ooh people!  We’re the ones who bestow power, to lionize some and denounce others.

Yet gullible and naive we’re,

We fall for the sugar-coated words of our deceptive “leaders”.

The ones who lace poison with the “delicacies” they offer.

Who look down upon us condescendingly and contemptuously

Piled miseries on us, reduced us to pauper-hood, reveling in our attention, as they ride in sleek cars, glamorous buildings, leaving us in the doldrums.



Alas! The masses don’t want power.

We return it to the ones dehumanized us.

Who come to us like knights in shining armour.

While all that they deliver is mystery and impecuniousness.

We shouldn’t fall for the clannish or ethnic – card, that’s always trotted out during campaign seasons.

Which doesn’t add even a plate of ugali to our dining tables, yet we stand daggers – drawn, ready to defend “our own”!!!



People, your conscience is priceless,

Look beyond the surface,

Vote wisely, with inwit

Vote aptitude and moral rectitude over mediocrity and ineptitude.

National cohesion over polarization.

Shun ethnicity, tribalism and clannism.

Embrace diligence and cooperation, the universal benchmark of prosperity and success.

Redeem the glory of our past, among other nations of the world.



“A nation that never learns from its history will never prosper” so they say, or are the lines that i wrote antiquated and utter balderdash?

God bless our nation, give us peace, clarity and the wisdom to separate the wheat from the chaff.


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