There is need for a Muslim education fund

By NepJournal September 10, 2016 14:44

There is need for a Muslim education fund

By Umar Sakwa Ahmad:

Image: Courtesy.

Image: Courtesy.

We wish to take this opportunity to congratulate all Muslim KCSE candidates 2015 who have secured admissions in various disciplines at various institutions of Higher Learning Universities and Colleges through KUCCPS we wish to reiterate as a community you have really made us proud.

It’s our prayers that the Almighty Allah will continue to give you strength and wisdom in pursuing your career of dreams for the benefit of this umma and other communities at large.

We wish also to extend our special tributes to all our Muslim Institutions who managed to produce best students in the country with excellent grades for their continued zeal and determination of restoring the honor of Islam and Muslims in the country.

These institutions need to understand our expectation as community is that they will produce able professionals in the country who are morally upright in every discipline for them to guide this nation to its rightful place in the world.

May Allah reward all those who chose this path of providing a conducive environment for our students through their investment in Education. May Allah reward you abundantly in this world and hereafter.

We further wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the Board of Management of International University of Africa through the Government of Sudan for their continued support in promoting Education welfare of Muslim students in the country through scholarships to our Muslim Students in various disciplines.

Your Contribution has really contributed immensely in empowering our students to be Muslim Professionals and responsible citizens in the country. We thank you so much and we pray to Allah (s.w) to reward you abundantly in this world and hereafter.

While lauding the success stories of our students in academia. A moment of reflection is before us going by the debates that is going on the social media platform regarding Higher Education loan board that should our students use it as a means of furthering their Education or not.

This debate is healthy we need to encourage it if we are to be guided by rightly guided Muslim Scholars in our Area of jurisdiction. No single Muslim can stand to challenge whether Riba/Usury is Halal because it’s clearly spelt in the Holy Qur’an. I stand to believe any Muslim student who has use this facility was not because of choice but rather necessity within his/her jurisdiction

We  wish to bring to the attention of Muslim leadership and Institution the performance of Muslim students in Institution of higher learning clearly demonstrate their zeal and determination in restoring the honor of Islam and Muslim in the country. Hence the need of our Institution and Leadership to provide them with necessary infrastructure for them to realize their full potential.

For a period of time offering bursaries and scholarship has been our way of life especially to the needy bright students. But the rising cost of Education and demand from the community dictates that we need to invest more in Education if we are to cater for this rising challenge.

We wish to commend the recently development from Africa Education and development trust for their initiative as well as our two Financial Institution Gulf African Bank and First Community Bank for opening the Education opportunities of our Students through their foundations. May Allah reward abundantly in this world and hereafter. My prayers as a community we need to support such initiative if they are to make a meaningful contribution in our community.

We are truly convinced that in order for us to move forward we must say openly issues we hold dearly in our hearts and that too often are said only behind closed doors. As well as there must be sustained efforts to listen to each other and learn from one another and seek common ground on issues affecting us and wider society.

At this point in time may we call upon Muslim Professionals to come forward to help design a future for this umma by guiding our students to their desired careers? Apparently many students know very little about the careers they purport to covet.  Parents on their other side play Avery active role in their career decision.

They are mainly motivated by their desire to have the best for their children. However these parents are no expert in career choices and end up in misleading their children.

A student will choose a career in certain field i.e medicine because doctors are said to earn good enough perks to afford the finer things in life. In the mad rush for life on the fast lane, we overlook critical issues that underpin wise careers choice. Nobody begrudges any students big dreams. Globally claimed all our dreams are valid.

However it is downright wrong to select a career solely based on monetary promises. There are host of fundamental germane issues to be taken into account in determining a career path that suits you. The most important question is, is this your passion? We need to temper students’ lofty aspirations with the reality of their capabilities.

Today Muslims are crying for teachers in various institutions we do have shortage of teachers to teach even our religion. At times situation went out of our hands and are forced to be taught by members of other faith.  This is so because our Muslim students do not see teaching as a noble course but as the lasting resort career. If the situation is to change then we need to cure this problem by guiding our students at the early stages of schooling.

We need to start monitoring students from upper primary and Secondary schools to determine what careers suit them. It shouldn’t just be conducted in the fleeting guidance and career session.

A time has come for us to establish Muslim youth resource center at every Mosques at our locality to address the needs of our youth in the current times. Education and Da’awah needs should be the backbone of this centers. The recent happenings at our institution of higher learning calls for an urgent attention to be given to our Youth if we are to build a just and moral upright society.

We kindly invite the contribution of Muslim professionals towards this noble cause. Because we believe everyone has a role to play in building the success of any community

Allah will not change the (good) condition of a people as long as they do not change their state of (goodness) themselves. Qur’an 13:11

Bro. Umar Sakwa Ahmad is the programs coordinator, Namsa


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By NepJournal September 10, 2016 14:44

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