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The week in my North Eastern!

By Abdisalam Osman

Truth is, no one cares, the north, 52 cold years later, still dragging, schools, health services and all essentials impoverished. ‘State abandons its citizens’ should read headlines, but again, who cares? So, here are my three talking points this week.

Madaraka Day


wajir 5

Guard of honor by the armed forces to mark this year’s Madaraka day in Wajir.


Earlier this week, it was Madaraka day, celebrated all across the country, but the question is, what is there to celebrate in North Eastern? From marginalization to self inflicted never ending problems, 52 years down the line, anything to be proud of? No, disfranchised? Yes, any chance of being emancipated? Very unlikely, But still, apart from marginalization, uncountable injustices, every other problem trickles down to our own believes and the way we choose to live. I will pick just one, elections, power over the rest, ‘my tribe, my blood’ the saying goes, a political modus operandi, and what do we get out of that? Another extra five years of under developed region, Hindsight? Yes, that would have been helpful, but unfortunately we never look back, so, to 53, 54, and 55, please double the pace, because we are not willing to help ourselves.


wajir deputy governor abdihafidh yarrow-nepjournal

Wajir Deputy Governor Abdihafidh Yarrow teaching business lessons at Wajir high school on June 4, 2015


One deputy Governor filled the void, a lesson or two, the central government is yet to do a thing, are they trying to low ball the local ministry of education? Probably yes, maybe no, all the teachers left, for fear of their dear life, very understandable. Does the government have a plan B in place, I don’t know, but as per the situation right now, things are getting worse, national exams are still on schedule, we performed very poorly in the past years, very dismal I tell you, we rarely even completed the syllabus each year, let alone competing with the rest, and now, what do we expect? Who’ll run the county government if the Deputy Governor goes to class?


garisa military tanks

a military tank rolls to Garissa university college on April 2, 2015 as the deadly attack unfolded


It is a known government move, when things get out of hand, for the sole purpose of neutralization, but there has to be a limit, how long does it take, for a whole government to neutralize a threat? Dusk to dawn, citizens obliged, an extra month, citizens complained but as usual they’ll have to oblige again, until last night, people died, attacked by unknown assailants, what happened to the imposed curfew? Who protects the innocents? The good law abiding citizens get stultified, pushed to the wall and forgotten.

It has been a week, which translates to a year of harsh realities for North Eastern, dragged to the mad in every sector, crippled by what some call, monotonous political representation, well, I guess, the moment is near, when we will have to vote for real change and not for political tribal gains.

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