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The government must launch inquiry into extrajudicial killings in NEP and coast regions.

By Abdi Mohamed:

mandera shallow graves-nepjournal

an unmarked shallow grave discovered in Mandera on Sunday this week.

The Government of Kenya must launch a national inquiry into the high number of missing and murdered people in NEP and Coast regions. It must immediately begin this process by engaging survivors, family members and loved ones of victims for truth, justice and reconciliation process. This will ensure national healing for the victims and families.

The inquiry should begin as soon as possible across Counties in NEP and Coast and must incorporate both local and International Human right organizations.

Balancing the diversity of viewpoints to design the inquiry will respond to the needs and expectations of survivors, family members, and loved ones of the victims.

Missing and murdered folks through extrajudicial killings represent a heartbreaking national tragedy that must be addressed immediately. The government should hear from all concerned parties to help us identify the best process for this inquiry.

We recognize that a number of factors, like marginalization, radicalization and ethnic profiling have contributed to the ongoing tragedy of murder and disappearance of law abiding citizens in these two regions and an inquiry is necessary to address and prevent future violence.

The victims are our Mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters and kinsmen – and they have the right to live safely and free of violence, murder and torture.

The Canadian diaspora network has already requested for an independent investigation from and by the United Nations in order to shed more light on the human rights violation in these regions as perpetrated by both present and past regimes and deliver justice to the victims.

It is believed that this is an international crime under the Geneva Convention and basically a war crime.

Abdi Mohamed, Wajer and Northern Kenya Canadian Diaspora Forum, Toronto – Canada



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