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One terrorist killed by explosives he aimed at a mosque in Garissa as his accomplice is arrested

By Nepjournal correspondent and the Standard:


scene where grenade was seen

Security officers guard the scene where a grenade hurled by terrorists last night was found unexploded near Jamia mosque in Garissa town as wananchi watch from a distance


A terrorist died and another was badly injured as they tried to plant an explosive at a mosque in Jaribu area of Garissa town on Tuesday night.

Close to 10 people were injured in the incident, one of them seriously.

In what looks like a coordinated mission that did not succeed, unexploded grenades were found in the town this morning inside a hotel in Uchumi area and another on the road side near Jamia mosque.

Police officers cordoned the area as they await the arrival of bomb experts. Residents of the town milled around the area trying to get a glimpse of the deadly weapons.

North Eastern CID boss Musa Yego confirmed to the Standard that the dead terrorist was a middle aged man and that his accomplice was arrested by police on patrol who responded swiftly to the sound of the blast.

“The criminals, who we suspected to be sympathizers or members of the Al-Qaeda inspired Somali Islamist group, Al-Shabaab were seemingly targeting a mosque in Garissa Ndogo village,” he said.

He added “We are lucky that the device exploded before the assailants reached the mosque otherwise we could have talked of a lot of deaths or casualties”.

Eyewitnesses told Nepjournal that both terrorists were non Somalis.

Last month, a grenade was found well packaged in a twenty Littre jerry can in a school playground in the town. It was later detonated by bomb experts from KDF.


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