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Tension high as two killed in Guba, Mandera

By Issack Abdi, Mandera.

mandera and wajir leaders

The peace building process committee selected by President Uhuru Kenyatta to end tribal clashes between Degodia and Garre communities in one of their sittings held in Nairobi in September, 2014. Leaders from both sides attended.

A 70 year old father and his son of 14 were this morning killed in a raid on Guba location, Banisa Sub-County in Mandera.

The attack comes at a time when uneasy calm prevailed in the county after the two warring clans agreed to end the animosity between them following months of bloody skirmishes in which more than 60 people were killed and thousands of others displaced.

The area of the latest attack is largely inhabited by the Degodia clan.

Confirming the incident, Mandera County Commission Mr. Alex Ole Nkoyo said that the assailants descended on the sleepy village on Friday morning killing the minor and his elderly father after indiscriminately shooting into the sleeping village.

He added that a team of security personnel were sent to the area to pursue the attackers.

The latest attack comes in the wake of emerging dispute over Abagire village which was destroyed in the tribal skirmishes.

On Thursday morning, members of the Garre community moved to the area to establish settlement sparking protest from the Degodia clan who saw the move as provocative.

Impending clashes were averted after security personnel moved in to disperse all those at the disputed area.

The County commissioner called on the two communities to maintain peace saying that since the hostilities ended, the county has made positive strides.

“I urge the communities living in Mandera to refrain from inter clan conflict, which will make people suffer and retard development. People should learn from the progress made in terms of interaction and co-existence since the conflict ended, after the clans agreed to give peace a deserving chance”, he said.



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