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Tanariver Senator Demands apology from police

Tanariver Senator Mr. Abdi Bule had a firsthand taste of what many Somalis were complaining of following detention by police for half an hour.

He was driving to Eastleigh on Monday afternoon with is children and his bodyguard when police stopped him near Mlango Kubwa.

The Senator said that he was embarrassed by police who dismissed his National ID and another card showing he is a Senator as fake.

“The police officer at the roadblock near Mlango Kubwa said my documents are fake and detained me for more than 30 minutes,” Bule said.

He was speaking at Parliament buildings when he held a press conference to raise the matter.

He demanded apology from Interior and Co-ordination of National Government Cabinet Secretary Mr. Joseph Ole Lenku and Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo.


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  1. Ahmed Farah

    Somalis are not Kenyans and the North Frontier Province where Somalis live belongs to Somalia. It is indeed the beginning of an era where Somalis in Kenya start an effective separatist movement to be another South Sudan after all Kenyan governments of different era show no respect and mercy to the Somalis in Kenya and surprisingly they are regarded as 3rd citizens. I remember when I visited Kenya june last year along with a delegation from Sweden to Refugee camps in Kenya in order to resettle a number of Somalis in Sweden. When we arrived we were filling forms at the airport, then a female security approached me and asked if I have an entry visa. In fact, it was not her job to ask me however, I did make it easy for her and said yes I have madam. She asked me again! This time I was a bit annoyed as my Swedish fellows are not being asked but only me as I looked too Somali to her. One of my colleague asked her if she is an immigration officer. In fact, he was a Swedish immigration officer. To my surprise she was not an immigration officer but an Airport Security. In 2011 I travelled to Kenya while having a multiple visa on my pass. When I arrived at the migration desk, I was asked how I managed to get the Swedish pass and the Kenyan multiple visa. I answered ask the Swedish authority and the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm how. She cancelled my multiple 3 month visa and in return I only got 2 weeks single entry visa and angry tone of “Welcome to Kenya”. It is in fact a reality that the Kenyan authorities be they police, migration officer or others do not respect or consider the documents of Somalis but instead a bribe.


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