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Talks are vital lest we up in anarchy

By isaac kiti

The current political stalemate in Kenya faces calls for an immediate action to stop further evils witnessed this week from escalating to the worst. Police lobbying teargas and shooting at unarmed demonstrators is scary and clearly indicates the Police Service Commission resolved to brutality to suppress peaceful demonstrations in Bondo-Nyanza and Kisumu. The results were dire with two people shot dead rising post-election death toll to 39 while more than 50 left injured. Is the country plunging into a post-election crisis that is yet to strike in?

It is the right of Kenyan citizens to stage demonstrations and to picket as outlined in the constitution. However, it is high time leaders from NASA coalition cease abusing this law and embrace the power of diplomatic negotiations at resolving disputes to spare innocent souls of Kenyans from inhumane police brutality meted on them that robs the lives of some. They don’t deserve the cruelty they face when the leaders know the bare truth the solution to the problem lies in negations.

The Jubilee government on its side should consider meaningful talks to reach an amicable solution convince Nasa’s Kingpin Mr. Raila Odinga to call off demonstrations and come to the table to put things straight.

Acting Interior CS Dr. Matiangi’s move to outlaw anti-IEBC demonstrations in three major towns of Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa amounts to nothing but bloodshed. The use of live bullets on unarmed demonstrators and tear gas lobbying on nursery school minors exemplifies excessive force police use to contain demonstrators. This rises concern whether if the state is behind the reinforcement or police take to their own hands and what action does IPOA takes.

Politics like religion is the opium of the masses, the more the state uses police force to suppress demonstrators the more the peoples’ spirit to overcome the resistance grows and the more peoples’ lives the police will lay down. We don’t need any more bloodshed, traumatic memories of 2007/8 post-election mayhem are still fresh in our minds.

Kenya has had a reputation to keep in the eyes of international community in maintain peace and political stability but sadly that is fading away so fast with political feuds that our leaders cannot come to the table by themselves to iron out their differences it may speak volumes to international level that political differences brew animosity amongst our leaders.

NASA’s clinging to its decision to abstain elections till reforms are made in the electoral agency (IEBC) is not an issue to be dismissed neither the Jubilee’s stand to carry on with poll activities scheduled for October 26 cannot be written off they both carry powerful magnitude effective to their respective espouses.

Therefore, for the betterment of the country, political leaders from both sides should respect the sovereignty of the republic of Kenya by first seeking solution to the pending differences amidst them before rallying the country for the election.

It would be sickening for the country to go into an election whose aftermath will be characterized by a string of political tensions and instability that will adversely cripple the economy of this country and languish majority of its citizens to live in fear, hunger, poverty and insecurity.

The writer is a Mass Media and communication student at Mount Kenya University and Nep Journal contributor. He can be reached through

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