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Suicide car bomb kills at least 9 at Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

🕔17:28, 20.Jun 2017

By NJ Correspondent: A suicide car bombing has hit the Somali capital Mogadishu killing at least 9 people on Tuesday evening, said police officials. The attack happened near the administrative headquarters of Wadajir district after a vehicle laden with explosives

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Four KDF soldiers injured in Al-Shabaab blast in Wajir.

🕔15:18, 19.Jun 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Four Kenyan Defense forces officers were seriously wounded, after their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in Gerille location, 20 Km from Wajir Bor of Wajir East sub-county. The militant group al Shabaab is suspected to

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The Somalia I longed to See

🕔18:37, 7.Jun 2017

By Billow Hassan Abdi Since the downfall of the central government in 1992, Somalia has been in a series of catastrophic conditions. The civic war that erupted in 1992 had led to physical and social destruction leaving millions of Somalis

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Al-Shabaab attackers destroy Safaricom mast in Garissa.

🕔09:59, 1.Jun 2017

By Abdihakim Mohamed A group of Al-Shabaab militants on Wednesday night attacked Fafi centre, in Garissa County and destroyed a telecommunication mast. Confirming the attack, Fafi Sub-County OCPD John Ogola said the police have launched a manhunt for the group.

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4 police officers killed, 2 missing after their car hits IED blast in Lamu.

🕔13:49, 31.May 2017

By NJ Correspondent: At least four police officers and a civilian were killed after their armoured vehicle hit an IED in Baure area, Lamu County along Somalia border security officials said on Wednesday morning. According to Lamu security officials the

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Village restaurant owner, UN agree terms on lifting ban

🕔22:22, 26.May 2017

By NJ Correspondent: The owner of Mogadishu’s Village Restaurant has a reason to smile after the UN signaled willingness to address a crisis emanating from a recent advisory that affected his business. The famous joint located inside the city’s fortified

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Al-Shabaab seizes Somali army base in lower Shebelle.

🕔15:20, 23.May 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Al-Shabaab fighters attacked a remote Somali National Army (SNA) bases in lower Shebelle region of Southern Somalia on Tuesday. Tuesday heavy fight erupted after the militants attacked Somali army controlled bases located in Lanta-Buro and N-50 villages.

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Three soldiers killed in Mogadishu explosion

🕔15:41, 17.May 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Three government soldiers were killed on Wednesday in an explosion in capital Mogadishu. Senior Somali Police officer, Capt. Mohamed Hussein said a vehicle loaded with ammunition exploded after the security forces intercepted at Hawo Tako village of

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AMISOM engages Somalia diaspora on the sides of London Conference

🕔10:49, 14.May 2017

The Somali community in the United Kingdom on Friday got a rare opportunity to engage the AU mission in Somalia on the sidelines of London conference. The one-on-one session dialogue with the the AU Special Representative for Somalia Ambassador Francisco

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Somalia MP survives assassination attempt in Mogadishu.

🕔09:48, 29.Apr 2017

By NJ Correspondent: A member of Somalia’s Federal Parliament has on Friday evening survived an assassination attempt targeted at his vehicle in Taleh area of Mogadishu’s Hodon district. The lawmaker, Mohamed Abukate survived, two of his body-guards and a civilian

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Somalia sign bilateral agreements with Turkey during Farmaajo’s visit

🕔12:09, 27.Apr 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has on Tuesday flew to Turkey leading government officials for his first three-day state visits. President Farmaajo and his delegates were cordially welcomed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the airport

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Al-Shabaab fighters ambush Ethiopian convoy in Burdar village of Hiiran region.

🕔15:46, 26.Apr 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Al-Shabaab militants have on Wednesday ambushed Ethiopian forces serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in Burdar village of Hiiran region. Ethiopian forces and militants were said to have exchanged heavy weaponry including machine guns

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General Gabre criticizes President Farmaajo over disrespect on Ethiopian troops in Somalia.

🕔16:36, 25.Apr 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Haile Gabre, Ethiopian General has accused Somalia president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo of disrespecting Ethiopian forces during his recent visits in Baidoa district of Bay region, Somalia. The president visited the town to access the security situation and

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Suspected KDF warplanes strike Al-Shabaab bases in Gedo region.

🕔10:23, 25.Apr 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Suspected Kenyan warplanes carried out an overnight airstrike on Al Shabaab bases in a nearby location in Wargadud town of Gedo region, southern Somalia. A local resident told Nep Journal that suspected Kenyan warplanes hit Al-Shabaab stronghold

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Somalia’s military court executes four suspected Al Shabaab militants in Baidoa.

🕔13:35, 24.Apr 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Somalia’s military court has on Monday morning executed four suspected Al Shabaab militants in Baidoa. They were accused of being the masterminds of February last year’s bomb attack that left 55 people dead and more than 60

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Somalia’s military court executes a soldier for killing a civilian in Afgoye district.

🕔16:10, 22.Apr 2017

By NJ Correspondent: A military Court in Somalia has executed a police officer who killed a civilian in Afgoye last year. Addressing reporters at the execution scene on Saturday, military court official Mumin Hassan said the police officer was executed

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KDF accused of civilian attack in Gedo region, Somalia.

🕔22:09, 20.Apr 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Kenya defense forces were accused of killing at least three civilians in an overnight raid targeting Al Shabaab controlled bases in Gedo region of southwest Somalia. KDF targeted Al Shabaab controlled villages of Daarul-salam and Giriley near

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Al-Shabaab militant hijack Kenya Power vehicle in Elwak town.

🕔23:43, 30.Mar 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Suspected Al Shabaab militant have hijacked a vehicle belonging to Kenya power on Thursday evening in Elwak town, Mandera County. Elwak lies approximately halfway between Wajir and Mandera, located in the southern end of the Elwak-Mandera Road

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Trump Eases Combat Rules in Somalia Intended to Protect Civilians

🕔15:12, 30.Mar 2017

By CHARLIE SAVAGE and ERIC SCHMITT WASHINGTON — President Trump has relaxed some of the rules for preventing civilian casualties when the American military carries out counterterrorism strikes in Somalia, laying the groundwork for an escalating campaign against Islamist militants

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Kenya, Somalia open a new charter of cooperation as two border posts and a re-launch of a direct flight between Mogadishu and Nairobi sealed.

🕔18:21, 23.Mar 2017

By PSCU – Nairobi   Kenya and Somalia have today opened a new charter of cooperation by announcing plans to open two border posts and a re-launch of direct flights between Nairobi and Mogadishu. President Uhuru Kenyatta said Kenya and

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Canadian government pledges $90 Million aid to support famine hit Countries.

🕔17:21, 18.Mar 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Canada’s government has pledged USD $90 million for drought response to help relieve food crises in 20 million people who face starvation in Four Countries. The Canadian government pledge for funding has come after United Nations launched

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Mogadishu under security locked down ahead of AU chairperson visit

🕔12:51, 18.Mar 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Somalia’s capital Mogadishu was under security lockdown today, with roads closed, residents forced to walk long distances as private and public vehicles blocked from using several roads in the city a head of AU chairperson Moussa Faki

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Diaspora aid appeal towards impending humanitarian tragedy in Somalia

🕔22:08, 11.Mar 2017

By Adow Mohamed: Somalia has faced serious drought conditions which has swept a large number of its population majority children to extreme end of deaths and loss of livestock. The Country has faced heart-rending famine which its severity has been

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The In-Tray is full for the new Somalia President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo

🕔16:02, 9.Feb 2017

By Mohamed Abdullahi: In the past few months the airwaves around Mogadishu were awash and inundated with debates and discussions on the Somali election. The general view among the Somali population including those in the diaspora was that of hope,

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Formalize cross border trade with Somalia

🕔15:54, 9.Feb 2017

By Mohamed Abdullahi: On a hot afternoon, a drive through Wajir town CBD is not appealing especially when the cruel tropical sun bakes everything in its way.  The newly laid tarmac road has eased movement within the CBD.  A number

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Security beefed up in Mogadishu ahead of Wednesday’s Presidential elections.

🕔22:41, 6.Feb 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Security forces in the Somali capital Mogadishu have in the past days embarked on major security operation to secure the city ahead of the hotly contested presidential elections on Wednesday, February 8, 2017. Major roads within the

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Al-Shabaab threatens to double attacks in Mogadishu.

🕔18:03, 4.Feb 2017

By Nep Journal Correspondent: Al-Shabaab militants have threatened to execute more attacks in Mogadishu targeting Somali government and African Union peace keepers. The militant group who have stepped up to increased their attacks targeting government officials and AMISOM forces for

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Miraa farmers take to the streets over Somalia ban as Governor Munya says life in danger

🕔21:15, 7.Sep 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent: Angry miraa farmers in Kenya’s Meru County poured into the streets in large numbers today following a ban by Somalia the importation of the stimulant. Somalia cited a recent visit by Meru Governor Peter Munya to

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North Eastern residents’ cry of blood as State security agencies exposed on extra-judicial killings – HRW report.

🕔14:46, 21.Jul 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent A new Human Right Watch report released on Tuesday revealed that cases of extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances have been rising in Nairobi and in North Eastern regions. The document says that over 45 cases investigated,

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Somalia government bans US-based organization led by Fethullah Gulen.

🕔01:28, 17.Jul 2016

By NEP Journal Correspondent Somalia government cabinet has resolved to ban US-based Organization led by Turkish Cleric Fethullah Gulen who has been linked to the Turkish failed coup attempt. Gulen a 75 year old who lives in a self-imposed exile

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Mogadishu residents have taken to the streets to support Turkish Government.

🕔18:27, 16.Jul 2016

By NEP Journal Mogadishu Correspondent                                 Hundreds of Mogadishu residents have taken to the streets to condemn failed overnight coup attempt in Turkey. In solidarity

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Heading back to a home they never knew: Far reaching implications for the thousands of refugees going back to Somalia:

🕔23:48, 21.Jun 2016

By Yussuf Ali Korrow: As the international Community marks the world refugee Day, We travelled to Dadaab refugee camp to understand what is like going back to Somalia, their home country which they fled over 20 years ago. This year’s

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From the Shifta War to Al Shabaab: Why Kenya is its own worst enemy

🕔10:20, 4.Jun 2016

When Kenya faced an insurgency problem in the 1960s, it tormented a people into submission. When it faced another in the 21st century, it secretly recruited their children to fight its war. The plan failed miserably, bringing Kenya to war

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Degodia clan cries fowl over Hiiraan/Middle Shebelle State Making process

🕔06:27, 24.Jan 2016

By Suleiman Hassan:   The Degodia clan has joined several other aggrieved communities that are raising their voice against the manner in which Somalia’s Internal Affairs ministry was steering the State making process for Hiiraan and Middle Shebelle regions. Speaking

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Root causes of Conflict and Insecurity in the Horn of Africa and Yemen

🕔19:56, 10.Jan 2016

By Abdullahi Ali Soyan In a geographic sense, the Horn of Africa is the north-eastern part of the African continent which faces the Red Sea to the east, the Indian Ocean to the south-east and the Nile Basin to the

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A Look at the Somali Language

🕔09:46, 7.Jan 2016

By Robert Lindsay   Results. A ratings system was designed in terms of how difficult it would be for an English-language speaker to learn the language. In the case of English, English was judged according to how hard it would be for

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Is There Future Generation For Somalia?

🕔14:26, 14.May 2015

By Abdisalam Osman Try to remember your life as a teenager, rough times right? Hard to imagine you’ve outgrown the harsh terrains of hormones tickling down your spine, making you feel like, it’s you against the world. Well, teenage life,

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Somali premier loses confidence vote in parliament

🕔17:49, 6.Dec 2014

By AFP Somalia’s prime minister, who has been at odds with the president for months, on Saturday lost a vote of confidence in parliament, amid warnings that the power struggles and political turmoil could damage efforts to rebuild the war-torn

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