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Devolution’s positive impact largely felt in NEP, Survey indicates

🕔17:04, 5.Aug 2017

By Adow Mohamed: Devolution has positively affected the living conditions in the three North Eastern Counties of Garissa, Wajir and Mandera a survey carried out in the region by Nep Journal and research firm, Center for Prosperity and Research (CentRep).

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Muslims urged to unite and shun tribalism

🕔15:06, 13.Sep 2015

By Mbarak Abucheri.     Muslims in the country have been urged to take a leading role in promoting unity, peace and harmony for National cohesion and social economic progress.   At the same time they were called upon to

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How to vote for Nepjournal in the 2015 BAKE blog awards

🕔16:57, 2.Mar 2015

1.  Visit Then enter your name and email address. 3.  Scroll down to category number 17 and then go to number ‘e’. Find and click vote. 5.  Scroll down and answer the simple arithmetic question and then click

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