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We are not sincere to each other. Let this be the last.

🕔16:21, 20.Oct 2017

By Billow Hassan Abdi: Before I begin, let me take this opportunity to pass my sincere condolence to those who lost loved ones. Every soul shall taste death, at one time every one of us will all die. May Allah

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On the fight against terror, let us do it differently.

🕔07:46, 23.Sep 2017

By Billow Abdi: Terrorism has caused us too much damage and as terrorist seem determined on their agenda most likely we will witness more of their heinous ideology mercilessly acting on us before our very eyes. What we clearly know

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Devolution’s positive impact largely felt in NEP, Survey indicates

🕔17:04, 5.Aug 2017

By Adow Mohamed: Devolution has positively affected the living conditions in the three North Eastern Counties of Garissa, Wajir and Mandera a survey carried out in the region by Nep Journal and research firm, Center for Prosperity and Research (CentRep).

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CentRep, NEP Journal Online Survey on Impact of Devolution in North Eastern Kenya Counties.

🕔23:38, 11.Nov 2016

Devolution was introduced in Kenya in August 2010 when the country ushered in a new constitution. The new system of governance came with unprecedented merits in the distribution of the national budget. In North Eastern Kenya, the three counties of

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Happy Mashujaa Day

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