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Suspected Al-Shabaab militants abduct a land cruiser in Mandera

A land cruiser belonging to Elwak Highway Hotel owner the late Hussein Abdirahman was hijacked few hours ago by Al-Shabaab militia.

The kidnap incident took place between Elwak and Mandera along Arabia road, and their whereabouts is still unknown.

It is still unclear how many passengers were in the car. Reports say that two people have been reported injured including a lady passenger.

Al-shabaab attacks have been rampant in Mandera. In May, assailants believed to be al-Shabaab fighters murdered a chief in a night attack in Omar Jillo location near Mandera town. They also kidnapped two Kenya Police Reservists before escaping towards Somalia. The group is said to have raided the chief’s home and shot him six times.

On June 1, 2017 the assailants destroyed a Safaricom mast in Fafi area, Garissa County rendering the area inaccessible while on June 23rd the group attacked Equity Bank in El Wak, Mandera County and killed five people. Among those killed were two security guards.

In August more than 50 suspected al-Shabaab militants made bold simultaneous attacks on two police camps and a mobile telecommunication mast in Lafey, Mandera County.

The attack took place at 2: 30 am and led to an intense gunfight that lasted several hours and police killed one militant and injured another. Four police cars were destroyed during the attack. They left with a DCI vehicle towards Somalia, 8 kms away, with their dead and injured colleagues.

In all the attacks, the militants seem to be well versed with the landscape and well thought-out in their operations.

Mandera County has borne the impact of terror attacks for the last few years owing to its closeness to Somalia.

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