Suspect in Pangani blast case freed for lack of evidence

By NepJournal October 2, 2014 13:36

Suspect in Pangani blast case freed for lack of evidence

Ahmed Dugal

Ahmed Dugal Ali, the owner of the car that exploded at the Pangani Police Station on April 23, 2014, killing two suspected terrorists and two police officers on board. PHOTO | PAUL WAWERU | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Ahmed Dugal, the owner of a saloon car that exploded during the April blast at Pangani Police Station in Nairobi has been acquitted of terrorism-related charges for lack of evidence.

The prosecution failed to link him to the terror suspect who was strapped with an explosive and who died when the car exploded during the April 23 incident.

Mr Ali had been charged with sheltering one of the terrorists who died in the explosion and offering his car for use in carrying out the attack.

Two weeks ago, investigators acknowledged that they had failed to establish a connection between Mr Dugal and Mr Hajir Abdow Kassim, who blew himself up in the car.

Chief Investigator Cyrus Ikade admitted that the owner of the car presented himself to anti-terrorism police officers after the incident.

He also conceded that there had been no intention to disguise the particulars of ownership of the vehicle that revealed it belonged to Mr Dugal and his wife.


– Nation.


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By NepJournal October 2, 2014 13:36

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