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Suspect arrested in Wajir county for giraffe poaching

One of the most wanted giraffe poachers, Mr Yusuf Bulbale Ibrahim was detained on Sunday in Elnur, Eldas Constituency, Wajir County, by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers.

According to Wajir County warden Joel Kanda, they have been trailing the suspect for a year before arresting him on December 3.

Mr Ibrahim was found in possession of a gun, 14 bullets and some giraffe meat.

Mr Kanda said that the suspect was highly skilled and dangerous having used only one bullet to kill a giraffe.

He added that the biggest threat to the giraffe existence in the country was climate change and illegal poachers with guns.

Mr Yusuf Abdullahi, a chief from Dhoda Location, said he got information from the community over the killing of the giraffe.

Mr Abdullahi claimed that he later informed KWS officers who followed up on the issue and found the poacher sleeping.

Mr Abdullahi stated that he had previously arrested the same man in 2008 and he had a gun, but he was later released.

Mr Ibrahim’s arrest comes barely a week following Wajir County Commissioner John Chelimo remarks on the increased cases of giraffe hunting in the region.

Mr Kanda said that the giraffe population was gradually declining in the county because of poaching.

“In less than three months we’ve lost at least four giraffes, meaning in every month one giraffe is killed within the county,” he said.

He appealed to the residents to work together with KWS and other agencies to bring an end to poaching.

KWS had started plans to put up a conservancy in Wajir where giraffes would be sheltered, Mr Kanda said, adding that this would also improve tourism in the county.

He also appealed to the Parliament to review the law and name giraffes among species facing extinction.

He called for  KWS to continue enlightening the community on the significance of wild animals and effects of poaching .


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