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Supreme Court ruling on presidential petition to be given on Monday

The Supreme court give its ruling  on the current presidential election petition on Monday.

Chief Justice David Maraga said owing to time limits and attempts to avoid a constitutional crisis, judges will convey a ruling by November 20. He said parties will not be permitted to read through all the submissions and affidavits they have filed.

“If we said we permit you to read through all the submissions we shall be here till forever yet we have till Monday next week to deliver the ruling,” the Supreme Court judge said.

The parties had asked the Court to grant them about 20 hours to give their submissions.

“We need to be clear ladies and gentlemen. 20 hours is not realistic. You have done written submissions you will not read them because we by now have them if that is the case then take back the affidavits so that you do oral submissions,” Maraga said.

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He said even if the counsel had settled to consolidate the two petitions, the first petitioner, former Kilome MP Harun Mwau, will be granted one hour to present his case, while the second petitioner – Njonjo Mue and Khelef Khalifa – will be granted two hours.

IEBC and chair Wafula Chebukati’s lawyers will have one-and-half-hours each to react to the petition, while President Uhuru Kenyatta’s lawyers will be given two hours.

Maraga said all the involved parties will each have a maximum of 30 minutes to make their submissions, while for responses, the court will regulate to time consequently.

“We are going to be very stringent with time; if any party exceeds its time we shall merely switch off the microphone,” he said.

Maraga said the hearing formally begins on Wednesday at 10am after all parties made their submissions in pretrial hearing.

It also denied AG Githu Muigai’s prayer to join the petition as amicus, but allowed his office to be part of the matter as an interested party.

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