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Successful Black-Americans Rarely Have Societal Understandings

By Prof. Osman Abdinur

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Dr. Carson.

Benjamin Solomon Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan, on September 18, 1951. The second son of Sonya and Robert Solomon Carson, Ben grew up in the hardened climate of inner-city Detroit. He was raised by his single mother when, at a tender age of ten, his parents divorced because his father had another secret family. Due to the extent of the family’s poverty and the environment, Ben developed a violent and uncontrollable temper, and was known to attack other children at the slightest provocation. The poverty he lived in and the difficult times he experienced in school seem to exacerbate the anger and rage. According to his biography, one time he tried to hit his mother with a hammer because she disagreed with his choice of clothes. Another time, he reported to her inflicted a major head injury on a classmate in a dispute over a locker. Yet, in another incident, Ben nearly stabbed to death a friend after arguing over a choice of radio stations.

Therefore, although as an adult Ben Carson learned inhibit his out bust of anger and rage, inside he is still a very intolerant person and full of rage. Ben Carson, the retired pediatric neurosurgeon, is a creature of deep suspicion and conspiratorial thinking. His genial reputation conceals a deep commitment to paranoid politics, honed over years of his conservative activism and deployed in speeches, op-ed columns, and now in a presidential campaign. For example, at the Values Voter Summit in 2013, he compared the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s signature health care law, to chattel slavery.

In his previous debate he ranted that Obama and the Democrats might suspend the 2016 election because they want immigrants in order to increase the welfare population, as he calls them, and keep themselves in power. First of all, except under some special circumstance executive orders, such as national emergencies, the president does not have the power under the constitution to suspend presidential election. He also claims that Islam is incompatible with the United States’ constitution, the very constitution that he seems to be very deficient in understanding what it says. He called the U.S. Internal Revenue Services, IRS, a bona fide the secret police. If I tell you this is an extremely paranoid person, it would be an understatement. A reporter recently wrote that Carson’s bigotry was to be expected. The reporter went to write that when Carson was a child, his ideological antecedents attacked civil rights activists with the same anger and contempt.

Carson, the doctor, might have been a brilliant pediatric neurosurgeon. But, Carson, the candidate, is a crank, a creature of deep suspicion and conspiratorial thinking, who gives the mainstream America a rare glimpse into the American negative zone of far-right fear and fever dreams

Now Ben Carson, insulting the intelligence of all those who conferred on him the celebrity-status as a decorated retired neurosurgeon by telling them he does not understand what slavery was and what it meant to the slaves and what the constitution of the nation says about faith-based discrimination. Ben Carson’s reactionary paranoia is very much part of his usual rhetoric. Again, remember that this is doctor talking about a healthcare system designed to provide coverage to some 150 million uninsured America then. He once called the American society, in his rant against Obama’s Affordable Care, “Our society is very much like Nazi Germany…” Now, I do not know about you, but anyone who went to college would have taken enough elective liberal-arts classes to have a knowledge of what the societies in Nazi German were like. Apparently, Dr. Carson has either lost his memories of those facts or never learned anything in those classes.

I guess Dr. Carson has also forgotten what slavery was like for his ancestors. As a successful black man, he is nothing more than a dhammer (derekte) that is unaware of the load on its back, (as Allah says in surat-ul Jumca, verse 5). And Carson is not alone when it comes to lack of societal understandings by economically successful blacks. Anita Hill, Law PhD, (black) spent months in front of the U.S. Supreme Court to derail appointment of the current Judge Clarence Thomas (black) to the bench of the highest court on the land. One would have thought that as educated and successful as she was, not to mention being a woman besides being black, she would be so pleased and long for that day. The day in the history of black American to have a black judge take a seat on the benches that have traditionally been occupied by all-white, mostly men, at the United states Supreme Court.

No, Professor Hill, notwithstanding all her academic intellects and wisdom, saw no need or reason to have a black man in such high national office. Again, the lack of societal understandings by successful black-Americans goes far wider and deeper than individual cases, such as Ben Carson. Nationally, black community leaders were all hesitant in their support for Obama’s bid for White House in 2008, some opposed him outright. And the list for such high profile bad judgments, to say the laest, by the “successful” blacks is long.

Osman Abdinur is an assistant professor of Financial Mathematics & Business Economics in the USA,


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