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Your sub-clan Please? A mandatory question before getting job in Wajir County



County public service board of Wajir County is asking for the details of ones tribe, clan and sub clan as a measures to give job opportunity to job seekers.


The unprecedented criteria have been shared by a job seeker who thought filling his clan name in the form will lock him out of the job he has applied for.


In the form, that NEP journal verified it is authenticity, the academic qualifications part comes last, while clan identity is in the category of personal details of the job applicants.


The job seeker says in Wajir certain clans are perceived to hail from the opponent or the wrong clan and they are denied job opportunity.

A job seeker from the newly elected administrations of Wajir County told NJ that he is worried because of his clan background he may not get a job that he is qualified for.


Wajir county government has elected a new governor who says his predecessor has employed unqualified persons and that he wants to do a vetting on the county staff.


Meanwhile The governor of Garissa have demanded the full list of his county staff, while the one of Wajir have demanded a head count to all county staff.


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