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Stop maligning our religion

By Mohamed Dakane

If there is any religion that has been inordinately associated with all manner of bad idiosyncrasies and weird peculiarities such as terrorism, extremist ideologies, jihadsm and every other thing that baffles any ordinary mind in recent times is no doubt Islam. A deceptive perception that has been a co-agenda of some fellows for eons. Although these villains are seemingly appearing to have achieved their ends, Woe onto them that their ominous motive of maligning the sacred religion of Islam is yet to see the light of the day.

Islam in its entirety means peace. If there is any religion that condemns unjustified killings in the strongest terms possible is Islam. Allah says In chapter 5 verse 32 of the holy Quran, the noble scripture that every Muslim must believe and uphold,-“if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind”

It will therefore be foolhardy for anyone to imagine even for a moment that such faith that gives high regard for human life and that attracts hefty punishment for killing innocents’ lives preaches such unfounded doctrines. It will even be more naïve and utterly boneheaded to buy and subscribe into the notion of those evil proponents that are trying to portray Islam in bad faith.

Islam has always been a peaceful religion that propagates morality and decency in all sphere of life. It is a faith that is premised on human values. To synopsize it all, Islam is a complete way of life that is devoid of any blemish and no amount of profanity or blackmail will make it loose its sanctity as a bona fide religion.

However, there have been some quarters that have been trying to strip this beautiful religion off its glory and paint it as a cult that propagates weird doctrines. A deliberate effort has been made by these people to pit Islam against other faiths. A sad reality that is fast gaining momentum by the day especially in our country, Kenya. Social media is all awash of scathing and vitriolic tweets and posts that more often than not take religious dimension. Unfortunate reality that is being exacerbated by mainstream media for airing half baked ‘expose’ and ‘investigative reports’ in the name of war on terror. It is even more irking to see the government that should have been the arbiter taking very reckless and frivolous steps in curbing rising insecurity in the country in a manner perceived to be targeting Muslim community. This is very unfortunate and totally uncalled for. It falls short of any responsible government expectations.

Even as we come to terms with the bitter reality of these acts of terrorism such as attacking religious and social places, we must tread with care. The government must review its current decision in managing insecurity. Rounding up community of the same religion who are themselves are victims of terrorism in its war on terror strategies will not solve anything but would only trigger animosity and increase religious resentment which is almost in its breaking point.

Terrorism is an ideology and the potent antidote to curb it is the effective use of intelligence and security machinery to gather information. This is the only surest way of nipping terrorism in the bud. No amount of sabre-rattling or show of military power would end terrorism. If anything it will spark religious conflict as it is almost the case now. And as you know religious war and falling into anarchy is biggest dream of any terrorist. We are not ready and we cannot afford to fall into that unfortunate abyss.

Let the government engage different stakeholders such as religious and political leaders in its fight against terrorism. Am not a doomsayer, but as they say, prevention is better than cure. If the government is not conscious of its actions as its fights terror, am telling you it will not be long before this beautiful country degenerate into anarchy. In every action they want to take, Let them be cognizant of the fact that Kenya is multi ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious nation. It is high time we become pound wise and penny foolish in our fight against terrorism. With national prayers and the above caveats observed, am pretty much certain that we will win war on terror triumphantly and Kenya will be the safest place on the planet.

Mohamed Dakane is a blogger, social and political commentator and Student at the university of Nairobi. He can be


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