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Stop Ethnic profiling of Somalis

Can this mama hurl grenades?

Is there not a humane way to handle her rather than subjecting her to such a harassment?

Look at how terrorised the small kid is. Ethnic profiling must stop! Arbitrary arrests must stop! Turning Eastleigh into an ATM every time there is a problem must stop!

With such pictures, we don’t need to be radicalised by any body else!

This only proves that the so called terror attacks are planned to divert the attention of Kenyans from what matters – The huge wage bill, bei ya unga imepanda, mega scandals and other misuse of public funds! says THIS MUST STOP!

The government must come out clear on its intentions, blanket condemnation and round up of a whole community will only help in creating more radicalization.


Police arrest a mother and two young kids.



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