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State denies alleged Mandera attack

By Abdiweli Aden

mohamud saleh with ali roba-nepjournal

Regional Coordinator of North Eastern Mohamud Saleh shares a point with Mandera Governor Ali Roba. The duo led county and national stakeholders in a security meeting in Mandera town.

The government has categorically denied knowledge of any attacks in Mander after reports emerged of the killing of five family members in the county’s Banisa district.

Speaking to the Press in Mandera where is on official visit, North Eastern regional coordonator Mohamud Saleh explained that the attack actually happened 30KM inside Ethiopia and had nothing to do with Kenyans.

“Residents should stop peddling rumors that can easily heighten tension,” he said.

The regional administrator was in the county the past few days where he held security meetings with local security officials as well as the county administration.

Saleh, a former Provincial commissioner of the Defunct North Eastern Province was appointed to spearhead efforts to restore normalcy in the region following increased terror attacks.

As a resident and former provincial commissioner, he understands the people, language and the terrain of the region.

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The regional coordinator underscored the need for the National and County governments to work together closesly for the war on terror to be won.

“I am here with my security team to encourage our county counterparts as there must be synergy in fighting al Shabaab,” he said while also appealing to the public to volunteer information to security agencies.



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