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Somalia’s President declares state of war, gives Al Shabaab a 60-day amnesty to surrender.

By NJ Correspondent:

President Farmajo (in military gear) and Prime Minister Hassan Khaire. The two now want to take the game to Al Shabaab.

Somali President Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo has on Thursday declared the country in state of war giving Al Shabaab militants two months’ amnesty to surrender.

Speaking to the media at Villa Somalia, Farmaajo called on all Somalis to collaborate with the government in his new directive vowing to crack down the militant group Al-Shabaab.

“I have announced a state of war and hereby instruct security agencies to get ready to battle a war on terror groups. I am now calling all Somalis to cooperate and collaborate with security agencies to stabilize our nation,” said President Farmaajo.

Farmaajo made changes in top security organs including commands of military, intelligence, and police as he plead the public to work with these agencies to secure Mogadishu and regions of the country.

The President major shake-up changes of the security agencies top heads came a day after car bomb and mortar shells attacks claimed the lives of six people and wounded 14 others though an initial change was in place.

The Presidents new appointments include: Mohamed Ali Sanbaloshe (National Intelligence head-NISA), General Abdihakim Dahir Said (National Police head), General Mohamed Ahmed Jimaale (Chief of Somali Army) among other positions.

Mogadishu mayor Yusuf Jimaale was also relieved of his duties after he was replaced with Thabit Mohamed who currently the deputy head of Somali mission in the US.

Farmaajo sent condolences to the grieving family and public who lost their loved ones in Wednesday’s car bomb attack as he condemned.

However, the president has given out a 60-day amnesty to Al-Shabaab militant groups to surrender as he guaranteed those who surrenders within that time bound will be integrated back to the society, promising jobs, education and rehabilitation programs.


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