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Somalia’s football federation president says Al-shabab militants are welcomed to play in the country’s league


While speaking to BBC the Somali, head of the football federation said that the militant group are allowed be part of the Somali National league.

Abdiqani Said Arab added Al-shabab militants are not at any given time against playing football.

“We are not against them and they are not against us,” he said.

Al-shabab which has links with Al-qaeda banned listening of music and has ordered footballers to wear full-length trousers in areas under its control.

Nonetheless Mr. Arab said he believed some Al-Shabab supporters have been coming to watch football matches, but  declined to give more information.


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Last month a football match  was broadcasted live on the Somali National Television for the first time.

A number of foreign players mainly from East Africa play in the Somali national league.

Mr Arab says this is as a result of improved security at the capital Mogadishu.

“More than 20 foreign players are now playing in our Premier League in about six clubs,” he added.

The Somali  government have been ravaged by decades of civil war and unrest but has regained control of a number of major towns from Al-shabab who  have been fighting to impose Islamic sharia in Somalia.

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