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Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya hands over office.

By NJ Correspondent:

Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya Jamal Mohamed Hassan handing over office to Ali Mohamed at Somalia’s embassy in Kenyan Capital Nairobi on Wednesday April 19, 2017.

Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya Jamal Mohamed Hassan who was appointed as the Minister for planning and international relations last month handed over office temporarily to Ali Mohamed Sheikh alias Ali Bagadi on Wednesday in Kenya’s Nairobi City.

Hassan handed over the office documents and other properties of the embassy to his temporary successor Ali Mohamed in the presence of the deputy consular Abdirahman Adan Osman.

Source privy to the embassy reported to Nep journal that Abdirahman Adan is yet granted a work permit by the Kenyan government.

However, Abdirahman Adan who is the deputy consular will take office from Ali immediately he is granted the permit.

Speaking at the ceremony Ali Mohamed commended Hassan for his tireless work and the commitments he dedicated during his tenure.

Somalia’s Nairobi embassy is one of the busiest embassies of the horn of Africa nation since the Kenyan capital is a regional hub that is home to many UN agencies and other international organizations and embassies that have presence in Somalia.

Hassan assumed office at the busy Nairobi embassy in August 2015 after his predecessor Mohamed Nur Americo stepped down to concentrate on his presidential bid.

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