Somalia presidential race enters round two as former Premier withdraws to tilt vote

By NepJournal February 8, 2017 17:54

Somalia presidential race enters round two as former Premier withdraws to tilt vote

The hotly contested Somalia presidential elections has gone to round two after only four candidates managed a neck to neck encounter.

Incumbent President Hassan Sheikh Mohamed led the race with 88 votes followed by Former Premier Mohamed Farmajo who got 72.

Former President Sheikh Shariff was a distant third with 49 votes while outgoing Prime Minister Omar Sharmarke got 38.

Sharmarke has withdrawn from the race in a tactical move seen as throwing his weight behind former President Sheikh Shariff after the two made a pre-election pact.

In another surprise, Daljir party shifted allegiance from Sheikh Sharif announced backing Farmaajo in a last minute deal.

Daljir boasts 10 MPs and is mostly composed on members of the Habargidir sub-clan of Hawiye.

Somalia’s power sharing agreement has that the two top posts be held by Darod and Hawiye clans.

Sharmarke and Farmajo both belong to the Darood while Sheikh Sharif and President Hassan Sheikh belong to the Hawiye.

The twists and turns makes the three horse race unpredictable.

Analysts however believe the contests will pit Farmajo against Sharif since the building alliances leave the incumbent Hassan Sheikh with no more options.


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By NepJournal February 8, 2017 17:54

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