Somalia President to make first visit to Turkey on Tuesday.

By NepJournal April 25, 2017 09:58

By NJ Correspondent:

Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo will make his first State visit to Turkey after president Erdogan offered him an official invitation.

President Farmaajo will hold talks with President Erdogan on issues of humanitarian aid as well as security and establishments of capacity building support for Somalia.

Last weekend, through phone conversation, Abdullahi congratulated his counter-part President Reccip Erdogan after his ruling party AKP won the Constitutional Referendum conducted in the country gives him more powers and opportunity to lead his nation as a united and strong Presidential State.

President Farmaajo has made tremendous efforts in focusing to make cooperation with foreign countries to improve the country’s bilateral trade.

Turkey’s visit is the fifth officials visits to foreign countries president Farmaajo made since he took office in February, 2017.

Turkey remained the only country that provided Somalia government humanitarian assistance support to over 6.2 million droughts-affected people.

Last week alone Turkish Ambassador to Somalia announced $8 million budgetary support to Somalia government.

However, according to Somali Prime Minister’s Office Hassan Khayre confirmed that the money was received into the Somali Central Bank.

Turkey established the construction of military training camp for Somalia in support to train and equip security forces that costs over $50 million.

Turkey also built in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu the largest Turkish Embassy in Africa.

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By NepJournal April 25, 2017 09:58