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Somalia Minster resigns over security lapse

Somalia security minster

Abdikarim Gulled, Former Security Minister of Somalia

Somalia’s Internal Security minister has resigned on Saturday following Al-Shabaab attack on Parliament in which at least 10 people including security personnel were killed.

Speaking to the media hours after the attack, Mr. Abdikarim Hussein Gulleid said that during his 20 months of service to the country as the Internal Security Minister, he has tried all his best to foster peace and stability in the war torn country but much remains to be done. He said it was time he left the post.

Somali law makers previously called for his resignation or sacking accusing him of failing to control Al-Shabaab’s continued attacks on the weak Government.

The minister thanked all those selfless security personnel who put their lives on the line to save Parliamentarians.

“The damage would be bigger had they not selflessly defended us” he said.

He also sent his condolences to all those who lost their loved ones in the gruesome attack and wished quick recovery to the injured.

He announced his resignation at a press conference at the Ministry of Information Headquarters in Mogadishu accompanied by Ministers for Home Affairs and Information.

Mr. Gulleid started a new chapter in Somalia’s leadership circles and becomes the first leader to take responsibility for their action or inaction and resign.

The country’s leadership is known to cling on to power at all cost just like in many other African countries.




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