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Somalia hires US firm to help boost relations

A former US senator has been retained by the Somali government to lobby the US government officials and members of congress.

In the newly signed contract Somalia will be paying $120,000 to a lobbying firm headed by Alfonse Marcello D’Amato. Mr. D’Amato is a republican who represented New York State in the senate from 1981 to 1999.

The one –year contract also states that Somalia compensates his firm, Park Strategies for up to $36,000 in expenses like travel and lodging

A pledge is also included in the contract that the Somali government will not use foreign aid or humanitarians resources to pay for the services of Mr. D’Amato.

“Park Strategies will offer tactical counsel, advice and advocacy to and on behalf of the Somali Republic in a joint effort to boost relations between the Somali Republic and the United States government,” the lobbying deal orders.

Somalia’s government has a dire interest in ensuring that its dealings with the US stay on an affirmative foundation.

The US has given Somalia with approximately up to $2 billion in development aid and humanitarian aid in the past decade.

Additionally, Washington has given $900 million in support of the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom), which consist of forces from Kenya and four other East African nations.

A further $720 million in US funds have aided in funding the United Nations operations in Somalia.

However, critics in the US recommend that the US should reconsider its dedication to Somalia owing to proof of immense fraud on the part of political and military leaders.

State Department and UN reports point out that Somalia’s army is still inept of successfully fighting Shabaab on its own in spite of a decade’s worth of training by US military advisors.


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