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Somalia government signs agreement to purchase war ships.

By NEP Journal Correspondent

Atlantic marine offshore company representative and Somalia government officials.

Atlantic marine offshore company representatives and Somalia government officials.

Federal Republic of Somalia establishes its first war ships in its coastlines to safeguard country from external attacks and combat threats of Somali pirates for the first time since the Country went into civil war.

The war ships are also targeted to combat foreign ships decomposing wastes onto the Somalia’s coastlines and those illegally fishing territorial waters.

Somalia government has for over 25 years remained in civil war and lacked the capacity to combat threats to its coastal lines. This gave pirates to hijack ships and foreign ships go moldy wasting territorial waters regularly.

Somalia’s ambassador to the European Union Dr. Ali said Faqi visited Atlantic Marine offshore company Manufacturing Center for Somalia’s War ships. He said that establishing war ships for the Somalia government to protect its territorial waters is a history for the Republic of Somalia and will help protect any threat to Somalia from the sea that include illegal fishing, illegal importation of fire arms and pirates among others.

Atlantic marine offshore company manufactured war ships

Atlantic marine offshore company manufacturing war ships

On July 28, 2013 Somalia’s defense minister Abdihakim Mohamoud Haji-Faqi and Ships manufacturing company Atlantic Marine offshore representative signed agreement to manufacture war ships to the Country with the presence of Federal government of Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and former Prime Minister Dr. Saaid Farah.

Atlantic Marine are expected to manufacture 6 war ships in phase one of the agreement and others expected to follow suit after the first dispatch.

Somalia has been inching towards stability and regains its powers that Somali people enjoyed before rival warlords tore the country apart into clan-based fiefdoms which broke in the Country after General Mohamud Siyad Bare was overthrown.

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