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Somalia follows in Kenya’s footsteps, places bounty on Gamadere’s head


Senior Al Shabaab officer Mohamed Mohamud alias Sheik Dulayadayn addresses a news conference on January 1, 2011.Photo Reuters

By Abdinasir Ali

Somalia has placed bounties on 13 most wanted terrorists in the country after Kenya did the same last week.

Mastermind of the Garissa University attack and Kenyan national Mohamed Mohamud (Gamadere) was in the list with a $100,000 bounty on his head. Kenya has offered Kshs 20 million for his arrest or death.

The list is topped by Ahmad Ubaidah, the al Shabaab leader, for whom there is the maximum $250,000 reward.

Also in the list are Mahad Warsameh, alias Karaatay ($150,000), Ali Mohamud, alias Rage Dheere ($100,000), Abdullahi Jimale, alias Zubeib ($100,000), Mohamed Noor, alias Suldaan ($100,000), Ali Hussein, alias Jeesto ($100,000) and Ali Mohamed, alias Jabaal.

Others were most wanted terrorists Hassan Ahmed, alias Afgooye, Abdulhi Ismail, Abdulhi Osman, Mohamed Muse, alias Haabil and Yassin, alias Osman Kilwa.

The Somalia list which was unveiled by the cabinet on Thursday also contains the clan lineage of the Suspects.

The list released by Somalia. Source: Wacaal Media

The list released by Somalia. Source: Wacaal Media

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