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Somalia faults Kenya for decision to close Dadaab, saying the move is moral and legal failure on the part of Kenya.

By Nep Journal Correspondent.

Dadaab refugee camp


The Federal government of Somalia has expressed reservations over the recent decision by Kenya to close down the World’s biggest refugee camp – Dadaab which is home largely home to Somali refugees.

In a statement issued on Thursday by the Foreign Ministry, Somalia said the closure should be done soberly and in tandem with already agreed upon mechanisms.

“Today, there is an established, agreed and effective mechanism in the form of the tripartite agreement that serves as the blue print for positive partnership between Kenya, Somalia and the UNHCR for the safe and dignified resettlement of Somali refugees in their home country”. Reads in part the statement by the Federal government of Somalia.

“Abandoning this will be a legal and moral failing on the part of Kenya” it added.

Somalia says the decision will make the threat of terrorism worse given ‘the volatile situation the sudden decision and the proposed subsequent action will cause’.

Although Somalia faulted the decision, it has also expressed gratitude to the people and government of Kenya for hosting Somali refugees for more than two decades.

Kenya announced the decision to close down the refugee camps especially Dadaab on May 6, 2016 citing economic, security and environmental burden.

Although Kenya has backed down on previous threats to close the camps, Security Minister Joseph Nkaissery said the latest directive will be implemented and the camps closed by May 2017.

Somalia however says the decision will undermine the regional efforts to contain terrorism.

“Somalia is turning the corner and we are partnering with Kenya to confront global terrorism. However, the collective regional success of this mission depends on intelligence and resource sharing as well as partnership and mutual trust. Expelling vulnerable Somali refugees at a time Somalia is making internationally recognized progress towards stability and institution building, will only increase the risk of insecurity in the region”. Said the Somali government in the statement.




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