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Somali Warriors saved Kalenjins before the emergence of ‘Kalenjin Warriors’

By Muhidin Ibrahim



Mr. Muhidin

One man by the name Donald B. Korir really irritates me with his irresponsible and unkind threat against Ahmednasir Abdullahi and the Somali community.

Unwittingly, you Kipkorir have inadvertently elevated the debate beyond Ahmednasir. Your inept assertion and intimidation have consolidated the Somali position and, as a result created a hero-Ahmednasir, immensely hurting Ruto’s popularity amongst our people.

Given hindsight is 20/20, our 500,000+ votes would have considerably shifted the power balance, negating treatment against my people and denying a progeny like you the opportunity to demean my community.

It should still be fresh in your mind that the Somalis have diligently and selflessly served both Moi’s government and that of Ruto. How soon do you forget!

We would have bragged of a Somali president in Kenya were it not for the selfless loyalty and love of nation by the patriotic General Mohamoud who passed the baton back to President Moi after the August 1982 coup de tat.

Currently, Hon. Aden Duale takes bullets, and viciously defends his friend, Deputy President Ruto, at all cost.

So, speaking of Warriors, have you wondered where the Kalenjin warriors were when these Somali warriors stepped up to save Moi and Ruto?

We considered the Kalenjin good and sincere friends, but I suggest it’s time to correct our faulty premise.

At the very least, I naively expected the Kalenjin to banish you for sowing unsolicited discord between these two friendly communities.



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