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Somali Muslim Scholars vow to stamp out radicalization and terrorism but warn of blanket condemnation

By Abdinasir Ali

sheikh shakul

Sheikh Mohamed Osman addressing the press in Nairobi accompanied by other scholars.

Muslim scholars from the Somali community have taken issue with the list of sympathizers and financiers of Al-Shabaab that was recently released by the government saying it was not a true reflection of those who supported Al-Shabaab its terror activities in the country.

Speaking at a press conference in Nairobi on Sunday, the leaders said some of those listed had no business with the said activities and are known for their opposition for the same.

“Adding our Sheikhs, our leaders to the list is a stab on the back for us and we do not accept and we think the list should be reversed and taken back” said Sheikh Shakul who read a statement on behalf of the scholars.

The group urged the government to be objective in the war on terror and avoid blanket condemnation of Muslims, their businesses and institutions.

Reiterating their stance that they do not condone terrorism, the scholars warned against extra judicial measures that target Muslims selectively.

The Scholars attribute the increasing terror attacks in the country to the widespread corruption culture in Kenya adding that laxity in the security systems was evident from the runaway terror attacks.

Shiekh Mohamed Osman of RAF International University who is one of those accounts were frozen said that they always educate and engage the youth on the effects of radicalization and added that there would have been more problems than are witnessed currently had it not been for their contribution.

Following the 10 days amnesty granted by the government to those who surrender from Al-Shabaab, Sheikh Osman wants the youth to first report to them for rehabilitation.

“On of the measures we have undertaken now is to set up a rehabilitation center for those who surrender. They will be cleansed and given the right religious teachings” he said.

The group also warned against the effects of hurriedly closing the Dadaab refugee camps. They move they said would push youth in the camp further close to Al-Shabaab hence giving the militia an avenue to recruit new members.


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