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Somali spy agency NISA sends home1500 officers

By Nep Journal Mogadishu Correspondent


Somalia’s intelligence Chief Gen. Abdullahi Mohamed Gafow at a past function. Photo/Courtesy.

The National Intelligence and Security Agency of Somalia has sent packing over 1500 officers sending shockwaves across the recovering country.

Recently appointed Agency Chief Gen. Abdullahi Mohamed Gafow said the move was aimed at streamlining NISA operations as the country heads towards elections.

“The new move is intended to re-energize the agency’s leadership to bring more competent officers to help the government defeat the insurgent terror group,” said Gafow.

NISA’s Mogadishu commanding officer Abdihakim Farei is among notable officers sent packing.

The tough talking NISA head Gen. Gafow has been hailed as the right person for the job with his peers saying he had the required skills and expertise to contain the Al Shabaab insurgency.

Gafow served as acting National Intelligence Agency Chief before he replaced Abdirahman Mohamed Tuurayre who was fired mid this year following the Ambassador hotel deadly suicide attack which claimed 30 lives among them two MPs and NISA officers.

The move comes at a time when security has been beefed up across the country as the elections edge closer.


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