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Somali forces killed during infighting


At least four government soldiers were killed and eight others wounded in Mogadishu after troops within the Somali security forces clashed.

Members of the national security agency reportedly attacked a unit from the military in Daynile area; the reason for the attack is not yet clear.

Fierce gun battles were heard in Daynile area, after the two unit engaged in a heavy battle that lasted two hours.

The clash came as troops from the security forces reportedly left a military base in the Hoye Dheer district of Mogadishu.

It is not the first time such infighting happened between the Somali forces, in July five Somali government forces including a senior security officer were killed and two others injured when infighting broke out among the security officers in Mogadishu.

The new administration of Mohamed Abdullahi said they are trying to avoid any confrontations between their forces.The government has launched investigation on the past incidents but no tangible results achieved.

Minister of Public Works and Reconstruction, Abbas Abdulahi Siraji was shot down by Somali government soldiers in  Mogadishu near the presidential palace.


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