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Somali and Borana communities call for truce

The Somali and Borana communities have agreed to call a ceasefire on their recurrent disagreements that have led in deaths and destruction of property for more than five years.

Political leaders and elders from both the Somali and Borana communities and their members decided to employ resolutions made during the day-long meeting on Saturday that was organized by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission in Garbatula, Isiolo County.

Lagdera MP Mohamed Hire Garane said both communities have understood there is a more unifying factor and ‘small issues’ that have led to bloodshed in the past could have been good-naturedly resolved. One of the peace resolutions arrived at is annihilating unlawful business structures in some parts of Isiolo County supposedly built by people from Lagdera, Garissa County.

The Member of Parliament said the communities have decided to ask for each other’s permission when looking for grazing lands to steer clear of clashes.

“We have decided livestock should leave regions within 14 days of rains at grazing regions of their neighbours. They have also resolved to hold on to other agreement made in earlier peace meetings,” he said. Mr Garane said political leaders from Isiolo and Garissa counties are prepared to work jointly to bring to an end to fights and killings.

The MP said they would evaluate the resolutions in two weeks, as elders from both communities advocate for peace. Isiolo Woman Representative Rahma Dida Jaldesa term the peace meeting a “hallmark”, saying such meetings would resolve conflicts and allow communities to live in accord.

Ms Jaldesa said local politicians from across the political divide have been working with the NCIC to preach peace and unity. “We are telling our people to embrace peace because we have a lot of factors that can unite us, including hardships. Let’s be devoted to end hostilities,” she said.

NCIC commissioners Morris Dzoro and Hassan Mohamed and Isiolo South MP Abdi Koropu Tepu were also present at the gathering. Most conflicts in pastoralist areas are about grazing lands.



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