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Slaughterhouse in Wajir ordered to cleanup

A cleanup program has been initiated in Wajir to alleviate the poor health situation currently being faced by the county. This comes after a team from the County Executive comprising of CEC Office of the Governor, CEC Finance and Economic Planning and CEC Lands and Housing with the Town Manager Nasir Harun and representatives from department of Public Health visited a slaughter house where they evaluated the situation of the facility.

The clean up programme is to also help avoid an impending health crisis arising from the poor state of the slaughterhouse facility

“The facility needs intervention, a cleanup program will begin this afternoon and a standby exhauster and excavator will be availed to enable waste disposal from the facility and it’s surrounding.”   Said Mr. Nassir Harun who is the Town Administrator.

The CECs have also asked Town Administrator, Public Health and other departments to provide comprehensive report on the Slaughter house situation for long term solution.

 Wajir County Government is yet to resume vital water delivery to over 150 villages. The health sector last year was grappling to contain a cholera outbreak that was spreading. 45 people died in a cholera outbreak in Sarif village, Wajir South, bringing the number of victims in Wajir County in 2016.

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