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Shut Duale’s mouth or lose our support, south rift leaders tell DP Ruto

By Hussein Ahmed
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Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi (in black) welcomes Deputy President William Ruto (center) to the county. He is accompanied by Majority Leader Aden Duale (right) and Kamakunji MP Yusuf Hassan (alighting from plane) among other leaders. The leaders graced Wajir high school’s 50 years celebration in February this year.

Leaders from the South Rift are up in arms against Majority Leader Aden Duale for what they said was persistent insults by the Garissa Township MP.

Led by Emurua-Dikirr MP Johana Ngeno, the leaders say Duale has made it a habit to insult them whenever he visits the region.

“We were hoping that at some point, the DP would prevail upon his close allies to respect the elected leaders of this region. Instead, every time he comes here with Duale, we endure insults and all manner of abuse,” said Ngeno.

While attending the funeral of former Ainamoi MP Noah Arap Too in the company of the Deputy President, Mr Duale told off Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto and his Kericho colleague Paul Chepkwony telling them that they were not in the same league.

“You are a governor and we have given you small money to run your county and now you have run mad. Governors and senators must play with their counterparts,” said the Majority leader.

Duale’s tirade ‘si ya mamako bwana’ (not your mother’s) against the Bomet governor last year made headlines in the country and was trending on social media for more than a week.

He made the remarks in reference to the governor’s push for more funds to the counties while telling him to account for what was already allocated to his county.

Londiani MCA Jackson Kikwai echoed Ngeno’s sentiments asking Duale to apologize.

“Mr Duale must know these are the leaders we chose and we are demanding that he respects them,” he said.

The leaders now want the Deputy President to shut Duale’s mouth and threated to withdraw their support for him should the trend continue.


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