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Shock as photos emerge of Police officers in Garissa flogging suspects in the bush

By Nepjournal correspondent

police brutality

A senior police officer in Garissa county has posted on his Facebook page photos of police officers flogging suspects in the outskirts of Garissa town.

The photos which attracted praise and condemnation in equal measure from users who commented on the post, show the officers whipping the suspects in an uninhabited area in the town.

“These Somali young men came to Garissa for a purpose but little did they know we are smarter than them. There scheme ended in court, we shall not relent on security issues. The public we need your assistance” he posted.

Although the senior police officer is appealing for assistance from the public, the pictures he posted clearly depict high handedness on the part of the officers which has been the cause of mistrust between the police and members of the Public.

police brutality as posted on fb



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