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Shock as mass grave with five bodies found in Gari, Mandera County.

By NJ Correspondent:

Bodies discovered in mass graves about 2 kilometers from Gari town of Lafey Sub-County, Mandera County on Monday.

At least five bodies were discovered in a thicket in Gari village located within Mandera-Elwak road few kilometers from Kenya’s border with Somalia on Monday including that of an 80-years old woman.

It is believed the victims were among 4 people who have been allegedly picked from Fino by security forces who rounded up residents while demanding identities of those behind a recent spate of landmine attacks in the area.

Of the five, only the woman was identified – as the paternal aunt of Mandera East MP. Her freshly buried body was found naked, exposed to torture and with fragmented bones and missing teeth.

Two days ago, two bodies were discovered dumped in the outskirts of Mandera town.
Witnesses on condition of anonymity told Nep Journal that on Sunday security forces rounded up Fino residents, harassed them while asking them to identify those behind the series of attacks carried out in area the past months.

“Four young men were picked and have been reported missing. We were shocked to receive that they were found in mass graves near Gari town,” said a witnesses.

They are allegedly victims of what is suspected to be forced disappearances and extrajudicial killings by security agencies in the region.

Leaders and locals have accused the Anti-Terror Police Unit, Kenya Defense Forces, Rapid Deployment Unit, and the National Intelligence Service of kidnapping and killing terror suspects.

On December 6, 2015, a mass grave with at least 12 bodies, including that of a mother of five who was identified as Isnina, a tea vendor in Mandera town was found in a thicket in Mandera County.

Isnina was reportedly picked from her kiosk by people in an unmarked Probox Van who identified themselves as police officers.

Mandera Locals say more than 200 people have been reported missing in what is suspected to be forced disappearances and extrajudicial killings.

Mandera leaders and elders are expected to take up the incident tomorrow starting with media briefing to ask the government investigate those behind the indiscriminate acts and ensure justice was delivered by punishing the culprits.

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