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Shock as shallow graves of victims of enforced disappearance are discovered in Mandera

By Abdiweli Aden:

a man digs one of the shallow graves found in Mandera on Sunday afternoon.

a man digs up one of the shallow graves found in Mandera on Sunday afternoon.

Residents of Mandera County have found mass graves containing the bodies of 12 eople who recently disappeared from the town.

One of the bodies discovered on Sunday was identified as that of Isnina Mohamed, a mother of two who was among latest victims of enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings in Mandera Town. The late Isnina was operating a tea kiosk opposite Arabia Bus Stage.

She was abducted on December 3, 2015 by plain clothed officers in a civilian car but who reportedly introduced themselves as police officers.

Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow condemned the killings.

“I want to express my utter disgust and condemnation of the extra judicial killings by our security agents once again. The discovery of mass graves in Mandera yesterday evening is a clear indication that this evil process of extermination of suspects in total disregard of due process is the norm rather the exception” said the outspoken politician on his Facebook page.

Kerrow added leaders from the county will meet this morning to plan a course of action.

“Clearly, this has gone too far and must stop. It’s time we say no, not just as leaders but as a society too” said Kerrow.

Sources say the condition of her body suggested torture in the hands of her captors.

A similar discovery was made in Wajir in May this year with eleven unidentified bodies.


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