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Shock as groom discovers best woman who stayed with his newly wed family for 20 days was actually a man

By NJ Correspondent:

Conned bridegroom Abdirahman Ismail Omar.

A man in the Somaliland City of Hargeisa was left in shock after discovering the ‘best woman’ who helped out his wife in the early days of their marriage was actually a man.

Abdirahman Ismail Omar married Amina Musa Diriye at a colorful ceremony in the Somaliland City’s Ahmed Dhagah neighborhood late last year where Asma Odey, who later spent 20 days with the newlyweds in their home, was the best woman.

As was the norm among members of the Somali Community, Asma Odey was to see the bride through her early marriage life to allow her have ample time with the groom as Odey performed other household chores such as cooking and washing.

The World turned upside down for the groom after Odey’s mother came calling looking for her ‘son’ nearly three weeks into his marriage.

“His mother visited us one afternoon asking for her son’s whereabouts, I was left in shock and told her off only to be hit hard by her insistence that her son was in my house. I immediately called the police who intervened, undressed him and confirmed my fears” said the groom Mr. Abdirahman.

Abdirahman added the man’s mother told him her son was tracked to their homestead after making several calls to his family from there.

Asma Odey whose last name denotes having a bass sound camouflaged himself by acting womanly throughout his stay with the newlyweds and raised no eyebrows whatsoever.

“My wife introduced Odey as her cousin and he served us so well that I never doubted him, little did I know I had a co-husband in the house” rued Abdirahman.

Bride Amina Musa Diriye (right) and her con-panion Asma Odey.

Both the groom Ms Amina Musa Diriye and the ‘best woman’ Asma Odey have since been arrested and were being held at a Hargeisa prison.

Neighbor Safia Hassan Omar who was equally shocked at the discovery described the incident as ‘weird and unimaginable’.

Omar said Odey perfected his art if the manner in which he went unnoticed was anything to go by.

“He would occasionally mingle with other women and always had a makeup on his face while at other times covering it with burqa” she said.

“Given his bass sound, we used to call him Asma Odey” she added.

Safia says Odey carried out his ‘best woman’ duties so well that they at one time thought he was giving the bride a run for her money.

“I advised Amina to be wary of her ‘best woman’ who seemed more efficient than her when it comes to serving the groom. I was honest with my opinion but she brushed it aside” Safia said.

The incident sent shock waves around the city and Somalia at large after the story went viral on social media early this month.

According to the groom, the incident was a well-choreographed con game since he was first introduced to his wife to be by the very ‘best woman’ that later intruded into their lives.

He is now appealing for help to the Somaliland justice system, elders and religious leaders to conclude the case to its logical end and ensure he was fully compensated for his moral and material loss.


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