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Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani declared his plea to sit at a negotiating table with his counterparts of the Arabian Gulf states to iron out their differences surrounding the existing three months -long regional crisis. Tamim said during a meeting with Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

Tamim is on his first foreign trip since Qatar’s diplomatic relations with its Arab neighbors turned sour. “As you all know we have endured a more than 100 days’ siege against Qatar,” Sheikh Tamim said in a joint News Conference with Germany Chancellor Merkel in Berlin on Friday. He added that in his meeting with Merkel they spoke about Qatar’s readiness to sit at the table to solve the issue.

Germany government under Merkel has shown interest to offer room for mediation into the Arabian feud which resulted Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arabs Emirates and Bahrain suffocating its diplomatic and logistic ties with Qatar in June. The Arabian states accused Qatar of backing “terrorism” an allegation Qatar refutes.

Germany therefore has been spearheading for diplomatic means to try put to an end the crisis with Merkel extending invitations to all conflicting sides to sit at the negotiating table for dialogue. Merkel said she was concerned that there was no solution at the moment to end the crisis, adding she concurred with Kuwait and the US to mediate to end the dispute.

“Germany is not part of the conflict, but would like, in line with its values, to help resolve this conflict in a way that all can restore their integrity to each other,” Merkel said. The Germany Chancellor further stated in the conference that Germany views with concern the fact that 100 days have elapsed since the beginning of the conflict and no solution has been observed, hence there is the need for all the parties to sit at the table as soon as possible to came up with an amicable solution.

Germany’s foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel said the country’s Intelligence Service would help play a role in clearing up accusations that Qatar supports “terrorist” groups.

Dominic Kane Al Jazeera’s reporter from Berlin said Germany is attempting to speed up diplomatic pressure to get the feuding nations on the table meanwhile Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst Marwan Bishara in London said Germany’s momentum seemed to be cultivating towards a diplomatic resolution hence the need to go beyond the last 100 days, now that there is understanding by every leader around the globe that wants the dispute to be resolved diplomatically peacefully.

Sheikh Tamim was expected to fly out to Paris for talks with French President Emmanuel Macron later on Friday.


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